Love The Skin You're In

The self-love is spreading! See what the movement is about.

Our debut feature film “Love The Skin You’re In” is a narrative feature film about Sasha Staye, a successful fashion photographer who yearns to be a photojournalist, so she can be a change agent. We follow Sasha as she tries to balance her dream career, relationships, and volunteering at her women’s empowerment center. Suddenly confronted with the care and responsibility of her estranged father, who is rigid and ornery, Sasha must decide if she going to slow down and truly learn to love herself and heal old wounds with her father. Through this film, we continually find ourselves asking; can we learn to love ourselves despite our past experiences and society constantly telling us we’re not enough?


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Meet Our "Love The Skin You're In" Team

Kenn Michael


Kenn Michael (previously known as Kenny Blank) is a multi-hyphenate that takes the term ‘multi-hyphenate‘ to the next level. As an actor, writer, director, producer, DP, composer, editor….

Brittney Murray


Brittney Murray, is a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Mogul Behaviour a full-service branding and digital marketing firm located in Los Angeles, CA…

LeTonya F. Moore

Legal Strategist

LeTonya F. Moore, JD is an attorney-entrepreneur with almost twenty years of experience building and helping build successful enterprises. She is the visionary behind 360°…

Patricia Moore

Associate Producer

Patricia Moore CEO of Patricia Moore Business Solutions(PMBS), a luxury business consulting group. PMBS’ moto is “We help REAL business with REAL problems by…