Mrs. Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal

Visionary. Filmmaker. Culture Shaper. Founder. CEO. Producer. Self-Love Movement Creator.

Fearless attorney-turned-filmmaker Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal is making noise through producing films about Black women by Black women and sharing stories of self-love and triumph.

She is an innovative, visionary thought leader known for being a purveyor of culture-shaping content and sharing the voice and lived experiences of Black women worldwide.

Sauda, born in Oakland, CA and raised in Brooklyn, NY, earned a Bachelor of Arts and became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at the University of Southern California (USC). She received her Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School and co-founded her first law firm directly after graduating. She created several relationships and garnered extensive entertainment industry experience while honing her craft as an attorney, actress, writer, and producer.

Much of Sauda Johnson-McNeal’s career is defined by helping others; she is purpose driven. Sauda started her legal career assisting low-income Black and Brown families in purchasing their first home and ended her legal career fighting for the educational rights of children with special needs.
Her passion for film started at a young age, and she nurtured it by studying acting, writing, and producing. While on her own spiritual and self-love journey, Sauda noticed the void in the industry she loves of real stories about Black women authentically told from the voice and perspective of Black women with underlying love-of-self messages. Thus, this sparked her desire to create socially-conscious films and storytelling and transitioned her from a successful law career. From there, she started Ron Ash, LLC. “I wasn’t seeing US on the screen, our stories of overcoming life’s isms (racism, sexism, ageism, colorism). It was time to fuse my purpose and my passion. I decided to dedicate my life to the movement of self-love, to create a space where Black women are empowered to thrive with a strong identity, support system, and great love of self; this is the underlying theme of the Ron Ash, LLC catalog of films and the brand’s spirit.”