Self- love Series

Ron Ash, LLC presents

Intimate Conversations: A Self-Love Series

The series will examine steps Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal took to start her own self-love journey as well as provide insight and inspire other women to start and/or continue loving themselves.



  1. Reconciling Regret
  2. Climbing Out of the Gutter
  3. Love Thyself: Doctor’s Orders
  4. Set Your Standards: Empower Yourself
  5. Filling the Love Tank: Your Call to Action



The 6th installment of Intimate conversations –  A Self-Love Series is “Filling the Love Tank – Your Call To Action”.

6:00-8:00 PM (PST) on February 25, 2021, with guests Misty Anderson and Neka Scott.

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The Self-Love Movement

The heartbeat of Ron Ash is Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal, Founder, CEO, producer, writer, attorney, and actor. Sauda brings to the company her legal, business, managerial and creative expertise as well as a large support network of film consultants and advisers.

Ron Ashford and Suzzette Celeste (the parents) started sowing seeds of self-love in Sauda from a young age, yet as an adolescent, she still doubted her beauty, disliked her personality, and never had a sense of belonging. Her mother, acutely aware of her daughter’s low self-esteem, showered Sauda with words of praise, to no avail. While on her own spiritual and self-love journey, Mama Sue (as she is lovingly called in the community) started giving Sauda books about God and affirmations of self-worth.

Sauda at first thought the notion of speaking positive words about yourself seemed strange, after all what 14-year-old walks around telling herself or other people she is beautiful and intelligent without sounding self-centered. At some point, after the long talks with her parents and reading book after book, Sauda shifted. She embarked on a self-love journey that would take her through bouts of depression, arrests, toxic friendships, unhealthy relationships, and academic failures.  After years of therapy, church, prayer, meditation, nutritionists, exercise, and community support, Sauda finally stopped trying to fit in. She no longer tried to change her personality, opinions, or standards of beauty to what she thought was acceptable to others. She arrived, she valued her worth, her beauty, and her intelligence. Today, Sauda continues to practice loving herself daily, during the peaks and the valleys.

Her next step was to pay it forward and help other women (particularly younger women) on their self-journey walk. While studying her passion of acting and film and learning the law, Sauda began mentoring young Black girls and tutoring young children. She is now a practicing special education attorney; she helps young people with special needs obtain services in order to access the educational curriculum. 

Sauda decided to fuse her life purpose of helping others and her passion for film by starting Ron Ash film production company. Her goal is to share her self-love story and inspire other women to share their stories – so that there is a movement of women learning from the other and ultimately healing and thriving.

Sauda is using social media and entertainment to help ignite this self-love movement. She started a self-love Facebook group – The Skin You’re In – A Self-Love movement, she is producing her film – The Skin You’re In and presenting “Intimate Conversations: A Self-Love Series.”

Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal

Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal


Brittney Murray

Brittney Murray


 Kenn Michael

Kenn Michael