LeTonya F. Moore

Legal Strategist

LeTonya F. Moore, JD is an attorney-entrepreneur with almost twenty years of experience building and helping build successful enterprises. She is the visionary behind 360° Brand Protection Strategies™, developed to provide asset protection, mitigate the risk of losses, and increase business profitability for the emerging brand. LeTonya is a former federal government attorney, turned “Brand Builder” and works with emerging brands to build, grow, and protect their brand.

LeTonya is passionate about teaching legacy driven professional and the entrepreneur how to leverage their knowledge, skills, and expertise to leave the breakroom for the boardroom and take control of their future. She assists clients in getting “fundraise-ready” by providing strategic planning and infrastructure support to help them achieve fundraising goals through various mechanisms.

In 2020, LeTonya founded the International Brand Protection Institute, a virtual legal training program developed to teach individuals and business owners from underserved and economically disadvantaged populations basic legal concepts in the areas of business law, asset protection, contract law, intellectual property, employment law, tax law, international business, and investor relations.

To learn more about LeTonya Moore visit her official website at www.iprotectyourbrand.com.

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